About Marissa Hope

Marissa Hope is an acclaimed writer and psychic medium with over ten years of experience reading national and international clients. She has been featured on CBS Radio, Blogtalk Radio, and AOL Radio.  Known for her ability to communicate with the other side and present intuitive messages in a clear and loving manner, Marissa first came into contact with the supernatural and spiritual realms as a young girl. Her intention is to create sacred space for clients to experience hope, love, and connection.



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Her work is instilled with clarity, integrity, and honesty.

“Marissa Hope is an amazing healer. Her abilities as a medium and psychic are crystal clear. I’ve known her for about a year now and every reading I get is right on target. Her work is instilled with clarity, integrity, and honesty. She has helped me in my spiritual quest and guided me through precarious situations. I recommend her highly to anyone needing guidance.”

— Elizabeth, filmmaker, NYC

Not only spiritually connected, but incredibly professional as well.

Skeptics beware —- your steadfast beliefs may be shaken to the core. Marissa Hope is not only evidently spiritually connected, but she’s incredibly professional as well. After mere moments, it’s abundantly clear that she is communicating with a realm most of us cannot access. I highly recommend anyone to get a reading done by Marissa. Grieving or not, make sure a box of tissues is readily accessible.

— Sasha, CO

Uncanny, intuitive talent

“I was deeply impressed with Marissa’s insights and uncanny, intuitive talent. She brought up specific pieces from my past that I never talk about and that she couldn’t have known about, and her reading gave me a tremendous sense of peace when my heart was aching. I am profoundly grateful for her compassionate and powerful reading!”

Bridget, author, PA